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Cyanolab AUTH is excited to host the 2nd EUAlgae Workshop of Algae Bioproducts for Early Career Investigators in Thessaloniki

Posted 6/3/2018

The 2nd EUAlgae workshop for algal bioproducts successfully took place in Thessaloniki, Greece. Early Career Investigators and PhD   students from countries participating in the EUALGAE COST Action presented their projects on microalgae bioproducts. We would to thank all the participants for their participation and exchanging new ideas during the Workshop hosted by Cyanolab AUTH. We look forward to meeting you again in Thessaloniki.

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Cyanolab will host the 2nd EUAlgae workshop for algae bioproducts for ECIs

Posted 26/1/2018

The 2nd EUAlgae workshop for algal bioproducts will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The workshop is for Early   Career   Investigators (prioritized)   and   PhD   students   from   countries participating in the COST Action EUALGAE Only those candidates selected for oral  presentation will be reimbursed. The workshop will take place in the Aristotle University Dissemination Center on March 6th, 2018.

Aristotle University Dissemination CenterAristotle University Dissemination Center

Thessaloniki city view. Photo: John Triantafyllopoulos. Thessaloniki city view. Photo: John Triantafyllopoulos.

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Limnological Review: a new Journal devoted to Limnology

Posted 2/10/2017

Limnological Review (abbr. Limnol. Rev.) is a scientific journal published by the Polish Limnological Society. The journal publishes original research papers, short communications and review articles. Limnological Review is devoted, but not limited to, the study of inland, both natural and manmade, water bodies. The scope of the journal covers all aspects of freshwater environment studies, from lakes and rivers to wetlands, from physical and chemical to biological limnology. The journal is peer-reviewed and is published quarterly in paper and electronic versions. The language of the journal is English.

The journal publishes original and review papers with Open Access FREE OF ANY CHARGES. 

Dr. Spyros Gkelis is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board

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Major phytoplankton bloom in Thessaloniki

Posted 30/6/2017
Thessaloniki gulf is currently experiencing a major phytoplankton bloom (see video). This is not the first time we see that here, but it seems it is one of the most extensive and widespread bloom in the gulf. The phenomenon has started as early as March this year (see photos) and it seems that is re-current, intensified and evolving in terms of phytoplankton/prootozooplankton species succession.
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New book chapter

Posted 27/6/2017

The new book "Microalgae-Based Biofuels and Bioproducts: From Feedstock cultivation to end products" edited by Cristina Gonzalez-Fernandez and Raul Muñoz and written through the EU Algae Network is now published by Elsevier.  Dr. Spyros Gkelis together with colleagues from Universities of Porto and Minho in Portugal, contributed with the chapter "Cyanobacterial toxins as a high value-added product".


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Cyanocost special issue is out!

Posted 3/5/2017

We are pleased to announce that the Themed Issue "Cyanobacterial blooms and toxins in water resources: Occurrence, impacts and management" is out in Advances in Limnology and Oceanography

This Themed Issue is the work of COST Action CYANOCOST, supported by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)

Guest Editors: Pavel Babica, Camilla Capelli, Damjana Drobac, Spyros Gkelis.


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Cyanolab joins DNA Day 2017 celebration

Posted 28/4/2017

Dr. Spyros Gkelis, head of cyanolab, took part in the celebration of DNA Day 2017 in the School of Biology. The School of Biology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki celebrates the DNA Day for the 7th year, by inviting high school students to join talks and workshops, like a super-easy DNA isolation method that could be performed even at home! 

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Cyanolab in EU Algae COST meeting

Posted 1/3/2017

Spyros Gkelis,  Management Committee member of the EU Algae COST  is attending the the biggest EuAlgae meeting held up to now! The meeting will focus especially on collaborations between academia and industry working in the field of utilization of microalgae biomass for sustainable fuels and fine chemical products. Except fruitful discussions COST members had the opportunity to try new algal bio-products brought by the industry. We are set up to change the algae bio-product world in Europe! 


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New publication

Posted 14/2/2017

Our recent publication:

  • Gkelis, S., Panou, M. 2016. Capturing biodiversity: linking a cyanobacteria culture collection to the “scratchpads” virtual research environment enhances biodiversity knowledge. Biodiversity Data Journal 4: e7965

is featured in the last Newsletter of the Hellenic Botanical Society. Below you can see a screenshot of this Newsletter!

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